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Welcome to the JBA Trust Mapping website. We have created an interactive map that contains data we have assembled about nature-based flood risk management projects to help build up a picture of what is being done across the UK. Over time we will also add information about research studies and available datasets. The interactive map shows three data sets:

Project Catalogue

These points show information about projects where the working with natural processes approach is being applied on the ground, or considered as an option, to help reduce flood risk. The catalogue is maintained by the JBA Trust.

Areas of Potential

This set of map layers shows areas where different types of potential river and catchment management approaches have the potential to help reduce flood risk by working with nature. The data is based on Defra, Environment Agency and Natural Resources Wales research published here.

Flood Maps

The flood maps are based on Environment Agency data about the risk of flooding in England and past floods.
The areas shown on the map are based on national data sets and models, so they should not be relied on for detailed planning, but they give an indication of the types of land management measures that could be considered. The ‘Areas of Potential’ are also available as a suite of interactive and georeferenced PDFs available here.
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About the maps

The maps are provided as a research resource and we cannot make definitive statements about the accuracy of the information they contain. In particular, we know that some of the information could go out of date, or that there may be relevant data points we are not aware of.

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